Friday, December 10, 2010

Legalize MMA in NY in 2011 - ACT NOW! But What is MMA?

Legalize MMA in NY in 2011 - ACT NOW!

This email has been distributed around the World although I support most Combat Disciplines I have to know exactly what it is i.e Iknow what Judo, Sambo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Pankration they all have a set of rules and all have National and International Bodies but what is MMA? I know it means Mixed Martial Arts but what does that mean? What I have seen on the Web is forms of submission wrestling called MMA and forms of striking and wrestling called MMA. There is no set uniform or clothing and there are no one set of rules. Which obviously brings in Health and safety aspects. In GB Insurance companies in the main will not just insure something called MMA unless they have a complete set of Rules, an association backing them and a Health and safety policy in progress. So for example I call my own MMA style MMA SportCombatSombo which is a Jacket and non Jacket Striking Grappling Style which is part of my British CombatSombo Association and CombatSombo International This style has full set of rules etc which have been negotiated with the Insurance company and I know there are other Associations who have done the same by adding their own name to MMA.
If the people of want MMA recognised by New York State they should try an organise a National Association and eventually work to an International organisation although I do wonder if this is necessary as there are so many combat discipline out their which cover nearly every aspect of Combat for example Combat Wrestling which I believe appeared in the World Games is a wrestling sport which involves submissions and points then there is Pankration which involves Striking and Grappling and these are recognised by Sports Accord so I am yet to be convinced MMA is a Combat Discipline in its own right but I am prepared to be enlightened maybe there is an organisation out there who have a legitimate sport called MMA?

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