Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Response to BJA membership numbers

I recently published a report from the British Judo Association claiming their membership has increased, I have had a deluge of emails rejecting this report and most are from BJA members, the main thrust is as follows

1) if membership is on the increase why are competitions and courses being cancelled on a regular basis due to lack of numbers/

2) Everyone know at least 6 clubs that have closed in the last 12 months

3) rules are putting people of Judo ( I can not see this the rules may stop them entering competitions but they will not people joining)

4) Schools Judo Programme has had a negative effect on club numbers

These were the main items some blame individual in the BJA, some blamed the Recession, some blamed the money being spent on Olympic potentials, some say not enough money is not spent on grass roots some say the ClubMark is a disincentive (that one I do agree with)

I can understand the BJA boosting the their membership figures up with a bit of spin, remember cuts are coming and their grant will be top of the list. I expect there membership has risen for two reason 1) they now allow members from other organisations to join so people like me and many of my members hold a BJA License as well as an IBF one 2) there schools Judo programme where they allow a school child  to buy a license for just £5 must make one hell of a difference, but these are not real Judoka 95% do not even join a club and by including them in the membership numbers gives a totally unbalanced view of who is regularly participating in Judo

The drop in standard of grading in the BJA over the past 10 years should have brought more members in but it hasn't what I think is a good idea is there no idea of Judosize an Aerobic fitness work out using Judo, maybe also they should try re invent Kata with no throwing for certain people like more Ju No Kata. I know at my club we have had countless people attempting JUDO but turn to MMA because they do not like throwing, What about gradings in NeWaza? we need to attract the softer element society back into Judo which I am afraid to say is the great majority.

In march 2011 I will be running a Junior Judo Tournament on a points basis and allow all the trows the IJF have outlawed you will get a 1pt, 2pt, 4pt throw and Ippon throw is where you throw some one on their back and remain standing, Hold down 10 secs 2pt 20 secs 4pts   maximum 4 pts on the ground no Ippon for hold down. Winner is someone who scores Ippon or gets a 12pt margin or reaches time and has the most points. Any Coloured gi can be worn and each child is guaranteed two fights

That my idea mind you I may suggest to the IBF Judo committee a grading syllabus for Ne Waza

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