Monday, November 15, 2010

More on Club Mark

More on Club Mark

I think by now you will know my feelings on Club Mark especially where the British Judo Association are concerned 3 years and still not completed and you will have read about the Scots attitude to it. Well it seems Kent County Council also do Club Mark for those recognised sports who’s governing body are not participating in the club Mark scheme, why all sports do not have the chance to participate in this scheme is beyond me but that is another question. Our Warriors Grappling Academy are applying for a Sambo Club Mark and what a difference this makes to our Judo Club Mark, KCC sent a booklet telling us exactly what courses our members have to take and then list dates and venues for these courses all in Kent, not like the Judo alternative some being in Sheffield. Plus we are dealing with people who know us and they have a dedicated team which doesn’t change every year, most of what needs to be done has already been proved with the Judo Club Mark all the same people are involved in Sambo so hopefully it will take months not years. It seems some what ridiculous that the same people have to jump through the hoops twice, in Scotland we would have amalgamated the two clubs to get the one club mark, in England double the time double the money. Just proves what I have been saying take the Club Mark away from the National Bodies and bring it down to local level well done Kent County Council

Maybe some one could tell Faversham MP and Sports Minister Hugh Robertson, that’s if he has time to listen to local people with local knowledge

Martin Clarke

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