Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Message from Ian Parker

Hi Martin.

I'm glad the weekend was a success and I'm sorry I couldn't make it.
With the refereeing, I think we are in a bit of a vicious circle. I know referees that say they don't mind refereeing but don't want to do it all day, especially if they are also competing. But unless all referees offer their services, we will all end up on the mat all day.
I think the days have passed of 3 referees per mat. In holland, they have a better situation with refs than us but what was interesting was they had enough referees to put 3 on each mat, however they used only 2 and rotated regularly. 1 main referee and one sitting next to timekeepers table. They did not overrule any scores, he was just an extra pair of eyes who the referee could confer with, eg before awarding a penalty.
I think we have to use the new rules. They are the rules of judo whether we agree or disagree and I think we would alienate ourselves if we didn't.
Also, 3 times in this year I have entered a team into BJC tournaments, every one has been cancelled due to 'lack of interest'.
As for holland, the tournament was very well run with 340 competitors over 5 mat areas. Everyone gets sent their entry card before the day with your weigh in time and fighting time. 2 weight groups on each mat start all at same time, finish roughly the same time then a medal presentation for all 10 groups. Therefore you can turn up, weigh in, fight, and get medal all within 2 hours. No sitting around waiting all day. Makes a big difference in my opinion.
The standard of judo, especially juniors was high. The seniors was not the best turnout. Groups of 6 where juniors had up to 20.
Ian Parker, gold. Cyeanne eaton, bronze. James Passmore and Elizabeth dathan no medal.

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