Wednesday, August 18, 2010

BJA ClubMark

Most of you know of my total dislike for the ClubMark scheme and the fact that I find it totally unnecessary and you will hear a lot more from me on the subject in the future I am just waiting for Faversham MP and Sports Minister to have the courtesy to answer my letters . My Judo club members feel it is in the interest of the members to participate in the scheme yet 2 years down the line the Sittingbourne Judo Society still has not got confirmation on the club Mark even after complying to it every whim and at some considerable cost to the club and its members. Because the British Judo Association has taken so long dealing with this some our members requirements have expired namely CRB check yet when you look at the initial document there is no expiry date.
Some years ago the BJA came to their senses and allowed its members to belong to other Judo organisations as well as their own at this time they approached me to rejoin and bring my members in as well. I agreed but rather then bring my famous Young Judo Club formed in 1957, which I wanted to retain its independence, the members formed a BJA Club called the Sittingbourne Judo Society and appointed me President. To become a BJA Club you had to have BJA Coaches etc, needless to say all my Dan Grades took BJA Grading an all were graded to the same level as they were in the IBF, I also arranged a BJA Coaching Course at the Dojo and once again all obtained the same level as they held in the IBF. So you can see I am no longer particularly anti BJA but I am anti ClubMark which was imposed on us by a socialist government with the sole aim to have sport and Judo controlled by Government bureaucrats.
Have any of you experience of this snake in the grass ClubMark

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