Sunday, September 26, 2010

Neil Adams a progressive Coach

Many people ask me who I think the best Judo Coach is today.
Well as I do not know every Judo Coach in the World so it is hard to judge but the one who impresses me the most at this present moment in time is Neil Adams not just because he was a marvellous competitor and is an excellent Judo Coach something unusual for an ex competitor but for the fact he has taken his Judo skills and adapted them to other grappling sports especially MMA. The Judo fraternity have a rather snobbish and contempt for other Martial Arts thinking what they do being far superior, Neil I believe has overcome this and is well respected by all grapplers. The one other thing is his commentaries of Judo matches which he doesn’t restrict to World Class competitors I saw one film clip of him commentating a couple kids competing marvellous and a great way to keep kids involved in Judo Yes he charges but that is his lively hood. Get chance to go on one of his seminars and I know you will be impressed.

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