Monday, October 18, 2010

IBFBCSA Alliance with British Grappling

Great News

International Budo Federation/British CombatSombo Association

To form Alliance with British Grappling

IBF/BCSA President Martin Clarke has been involved in talks with British Grappling President Andrew Brownbridge to see if they can work together and we are pleased to announce that the answer is yes

So how will it work IBF/BCSA will continue to promote the Martial Arts and various forms of Sombo/Sambo but will hand over to the British Grappling all other grappling disciplines they now practise such as Pankration, Belt Wrestling, Kurash and Submission Wrestling. They will both share the Insurance facility which IBF/BCSA already hold and each will allow the other members to compete in their event for those wishing to grade or compete Internationally there will be a nominal charge to purchase record book

Each will still be an independent Association but sharing each other expertise which hopefully increase the numbers participating in their combat disciplines
 All this will happen on March 27th 2011
Martin Clarke

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