Sunday, April 04, 2010

Junior Sombo and Pankration

British Junior Sombo Championship

Swale Martial Arts Club


July 11th 2010

Boys and Girls

Age 8 years to 11 years - 12, 13, 15 years

Competitors will be matched

Competitors can correct Sombo Kit (we have a limited amount for sale) or they can wear Judo Jacket with Black shorts Baseball boots or Wrestling boots are allowed

First Junior British Pankration Grappling Tournament

Venue and Date as above Categories as above

Pankration is an ancient Sport from the Ancient Olympics in Greece, they have 4 types of Combat Full contact Striking and Grappling-Semi contact Striking and Grappling- Grappling only- Demonstration.

Pankration involves throwing your and obtaining a submission for Children under 16 submission are barred so for children it is throwing only.

How do I score for a high throw 3 pts a low throw or take down 1 pt

You fight for 3 minutes and then your points are added up

Referees do not give score Judges count points

There is a special uniform for Pankartion but at present we do not have aces to them so will allow you to wear Judogi

This event is for members of the following organisations:

International Budo Federation-GrapplingUK-British CombatSombo Association-PankrationUK

Your entry with money £7.50p (this is for both events) must arrive by July 3rd no late entries will be accepted

send money to IBF 118 East Street Sittingbourne Kent ME10 4RX

entries will be accepted by paypal (Clarkees, or by Internet Banking international Budo Federation NatWest sort Code 60-19-25 Acc No 30883814

send entries via email to

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