Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Immigrants effect Sombo

Every year I organise the British Open Sombo Championships which is open to every country in the world and every year every Country that requires a visa is refused, this year I am also running a Multi Nation Judo tournament and so far the following countries have been refused visa’s Jordan, Pakistan and Nepal. When I run the Sombo events all the Eastern Block countries are blocked and this year it included Mongolia.
If genuine sportsman want to enter the UK it is nearly impossible yet at the Sombo events we often get entries from ex Soviet Union citizens who are in this country illegally. We have nearly Million illegal immigrants in this country but honest Sportsman can not compete, in 1992 I ran the World Sombo Championships in Herne Bay Kent and no problems with visa’s, I could never run a World Championships again in this Country because of the Visa situation and all because our government and the European Union have been lapse with illegal immigration.

Martin Clarke

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