Sunday, April 25, 2010

British Sombo Federation

Mark Twain said "The report of my death is an exaggeration" when he was reported to have died.

Well the same can be said of SomboUK I had reported that it was defunct as the Chairman had resigned over a year ago but now seems it was just in hibernation and is now beeing run by Paul Sawyer. With the British Sombo Federation constitution being altered to have the National Governing Bodies being the only affiliates i.e. Scottish Sombo Federation, N Ireland Sombo Federation and the English Sombo Federation as of yet we have no representaion in Wales it is now down to the Country Federations to organise their membership criterea, in the case of England the ESF will accept Clubs and Association not individuals so there is a need for at least two recognised ESF associations which at present British CombatSombo Association (England) and SomboUK (England) all details can be found at

The BCSA will be organising quite a few events for their members before the end of the year July 4th Sport CombatSombo and Semi Contact Pankration Tournament, July 11th Junior Sombo and Pankration Wrestling Competition, August 23rd Annual Summer Camp, October All Style Sombo Wrestling with Jackets and without Jackets, December CombatSombo Teachers Course. For more information for events and membership

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