Sunday, April 22, 2012

School Fete Lazy Youngsters

Something’s never change I have been involved with Judo, Sombo, Jiu Jitsu etc. for 57 years as a top competitor, Top Coach and top Sombo administrator yet with all that gloss you seem to return to the very start time and time again.  I refer to the English Fete demonstration. On Saturday we the Young Judo Club were asked to put a demo on at the Newington Primary School fete, this quintessential English tradition continues to serve the community. The fete had a mass of local stall holders plus a glorious array of entertainment Singers, dancers, musicians, tug of war and of course Judo all this for just 50p what a bargain. I hope the school made loads of money they deserve it for it was an excellent day out.

After finishing there we tried another typical English past time visiting a Village Tea shop this time it the Bredgar Village Café right next to the Duck Pond. Sue and her family are making a real go out of this Village Shop, Café, Garden Centre and hairdressers helping keep the village alive. Yet after speaking to Sue she tells me that she needs some part time staff has advertised and only had one reply, she went on to tell me she may have to advertise for a Polish worker. Now I found this unbelievable in this day and age of massive unemployment, so I put a piece on Facebook, as I was sure that there would be a response. The rate was £6.50p per hour Wednesday and Sunday 9am till 4pm and one Saturday a Month, that is on a normal week £91 and on one week a month £136.50p Sue can be contacted on 01622 884423.

The response on Facebook and my blog was, I live in Milton Bredgar to far to walk (thought of getting a push bike?) Where is Bredgar?  Bredgar that’s up Borden Lane somewhere is it not? I am not working on a Sunday, Will do if they pick me up from Sittingbourne, what work for £91 better of on the dole, is there a Bus service? (Why not try asking some one for a lift) 9 am that’s a bit early.
Now I understand why small businesses employ Poles and as someone who has continually campaigned say the English are not lazy I was shocked by the response admittedly the age range was 17 to 20 year old

Totally agree with the London Taxi Owner who says cyclists should pay Road Tax and have insurance 

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