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Swale Martial Arts Club April Newsletter

Swale Martial Arts Club
(Young Judo Club- Warriors Grappling Academy-Kokusai Karate Club)

Dear Members/Parents
Your Club membership, which includes membership to the International Budo Federation, is due March 28th 2012. This membership includes insurance cover.
There will be no increase in Junior Fees, which will remain the same £17.50p pcm paid by standing order or £22.50p pcm Cash or Cheque.
Seniors fees will be £7 per session or £20 pcm Standing Order for one lesson per week Monthly Cash or Cheque £25 pcm as many lessons as you like £30 pcm Standing Order, Monthly Cash or Cheque £35

I believe the Clubs offer exceptional value not just in coaching but in facilities no other club in Kent has an authentic style Dojo like ours and we hope to improve by building in a second floor to house changing rooms and toilets, this will allow us more room downstairs for spectators. The cost of travelling is becoming very expensive and a lot of children and adults are put of by cost, the club does have funding raising events and Keith Costa collects waste paper, cans and old clothes to help support our competitors.’

The Instructors at the Club all have PI Insurance and all coach on a voluntary basis in fact all them contribute by joining the Club on an Annual basis this shows their loyalty and sacrifice to the club I think we owe them a big thank you

To increase our membership and we desperately need extra members we need your help in promoting the club why not tell your friends and maybe let the school know where they can Sports such as Judo

Starting Thursday April 19th for just 4 weeks Martin Clarke will be teaching Sombo Wrestling for Youngsters and Adults 7.30 pm till 8.30 pm Adult continue till 9.30 pm NO CHARGE for members. Kids if you want come make sure you bring a partner your size. Keith has taken over the Coaching of the Thursday Judo Class at 7.15 pm and he also runs a Parent and Child Class 7.30 pm on a Friday.
John although recovering from a knee operation is still coaching his senior Judo and Sombo Wrestling class on Tuesday. The Belsey brothers have been selected to represent GB at the European Sambo Championships in Moscow beginning of May. John's MMA class on a Wednesday has a fluctuating participation but is hard class if you can stick it. Also on a Wednesday Mik Hutchinson is running a Combat Wrestling Club this is wrestling with strikes and throws. Mik is a Sombo Instructor and he has just returned from Burnley where he qualified as a Full Contact Sombo Instructor, Mik is going to start Full Contact Sombo Class on a Monday night. Read about the course at

Martin Clarke, Alan Kontozi, Mik Hutchinson and Colin Carrott have been making short Instructional Films in CombatSombo these can be seen

We are always on the look out for people to become Instructors especially for the kids Judo, we especially like young people to learn how to teach.

I have had some interest about restarting a club at Milton anyone interested in helping out?
The Warriors Grappling Academy is going through the process of getting a Club Mark this is a Kite Mark for sport. The bureaucracy is unbelievable we are expecting just more visit and waiting for Sharne Costa to finish her Volunteers exam (yes an exam to become a volunteer) and then we will be finished after 2 years. One of the conditions of the Club Mark is that you all read the details this can be found on  for those who do not have access to the internet everything will be posted on the Notice Board as you come up the stairs, even the Martial Arts can not escape the PC Brigade, hopefully the Club Mark will be beneficial to the club

Some events you may be interested in at SMAC

Junior Judo grading 12th May 2012 start time 1.30pm cost £5

Sombo Instructors Course 29th April 2012

Goshin Jitsu and Ne Waza Kata course. July 1st 2012

Wednesday August 22nd tll Friday August 24th  2012


For those who want to travel:

British Open Sombo/SportCombatSombo Championships
Dumfries Scotland May 5th 2012

2 pairs demo-4 pairs demo-Junior pin to win
Kumite-safesword combat
CombatSombo Wrestling No Jackets
CombatSombo Wrestling with Jackets

Saturday July 28th 

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