Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Young Judo Club Big Bang weekend



Saturday and Sunday March 31st Sunday April 1st was a tremendous weekend for the Young Judo Club based at Swale Martial Arts Club. The club, which was started in 1957 by Margret and Knobby Clarke, have been a bit in the doldrums lately with our players not wanted to enter competitions but this weekend all that changed.
On the Saturday our junior section were at Capel Le Ferne participating in the Spitfire Open Judo Championships, most of the YJC players were new to competition. Best player of the day in the whole competition was 12-year-old Lewis Clarke it had an array of techniques and was trying all of them to very good effect but still only managed Silver. In his final fight he was beating his opponent hands down he had a Waza-ari score 7pt and several Yuko’s 5pt scores but like his father Coach John likes the glory of a big throw. Instead of being tactical and holding on to a points score he tried a big throw made a mistake and got held down Lesson learnt better now at 12 then when he is an International Senior (hopefully)
 On the Sunday we sent just 3 players to the BJA Kent Championships at Dartford and all three cam back with a Gold a 100% record
Liam Jordan regular Judo, Sombo and Kurash Competitor took Gold in his age and weight category in style his final two fights he scored Ippon (Knockout Throw) with atwo tremendous Hips throws
Ashley Costa our most experience Judoka also a British standard Sambo and Kurash player was in great form winning Gold with relative ease.
Andy Smith was in devasting form winning all his matches with foot throws. Andy is not far away from his Black Belt if he keeps this up it will be sooner then later

Morgan laws (first ever gold medal)
Marissa laws
William Bryce (yjc competitor of the day)
Harry (Nobby) Clarke
Lewis Clarke
Kieran Webb
Corbin Lucas
Xavier Holland

Kent closed

Ashley costa
Andy smith
Liam Jordan
 Keith Costa 3rd Dan is the YJC Coach in charge of Juniors and Teachers on a Tuesday, with Paul Soulsby finishing as a Judo Coach Keith will take over his Thursday Class, This class will be quite unusual as it will feature Judo, Sombo and Kurash. Lets not forget his Friday Parent and Child class where parents train in Judo with their children. YJC has kept its prices the same for 5 years No that is not true we dropped them this year for £17.50p per month they can train 3 times a week that just £1.34p per lesson
 Anyone interested in Judo should go to www.youngjudo 

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