Friday, January 18, 2013

Poiltics and Sport

I have often been accused of mixing National Politics with my Sports and Martial Arts and have been advised that I should not mention Politics in any of My Martial Arts Blogs and Web Sites which I have heeded that advice and have produced my own Blog

Yet Sportsman and Martial Arts people are extremely naive if they think that what they do is not effected by Politics. Lets take a couple of examples:

1)   Most of you have heard of Club Mark this is like a Kite Mark for Sports Club and reality it is bureaucratic nightmare authorized by a Government department. The idea is to homogenise the way we run Sports Clubs in GB. At present this award is voluntary, yet with further integration into the EU, this could become a compulsory before you can open a club
2)   CRB checks are a good idea to protect children and vulnerable adults but they are one of the few things in this country that make you prove your innocence (guilty till proven otherwise) and is useless when it comes to Foreign nationals. If you hire a hall you will have to supply one especially council run properties which is run by elected councillors.
3)   The cost of hiring local authority Venue and the cost of Business rates is decided by the local council which is run by councillors who you elect
4)   Rumours have been spreading that the EU may consider banning Cage Fighting and Boxing plus a small minority believe it is wrong for children to have any physical contact with each other. So out go Judo, Sombo and Wrestling. Ridiculous I hear you say yet under previous governments Competitive Sport in School was practically abolished and to think a small minority can influence a situation just look at Gay Rights. Gay/Lesbians are just 1.5% of the population but they have an inordinate amount power and influence in the political world
5) The standard of equipment we use in legislated on by European Commissioners who are non elected officials of the EU an organisation supported by our elected government

I could go on but won’t it is just a warning to all of us that what ever we do is affected by that horrible word POLITICS. So beware and be prepared. When Politicians offer you something remember:
"Do not trust the horse, Trojans. Whatever it is, I fear the Greeks even when they bring gifts." Virgil 19 BC:

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