Monday, January 28, 2013

David Rudman replies to Andrew Moshanov

The recent letter which was circulated by The Trinidad and Tobago Sambo President has caused some controversy below is a letter circulated by David Rudman. Those of you who know anything about Sambo will have heard of David and his exploits. I have known him for many years and always found him a very honourable man thats why I question the accusations made against him. Hopefully Andrew Moshanov will put his case forward and maybe what his job description is and who actually employs him this I am sure will clear up any misunderstanding

 Caution – Moshanov!

The first time I discovered this name was from a letter sent to me by Martin Clarke-President of British Sambo Federation. I have known him for more than 40 years. Mr. Clarke wrote that someone by the name of Moshanov had “organized” the Commonwealth Sambo Association for English-speaking countries, even without first consulting with the Presidents of Sambo Federations in these countries. In that, it was all-unclear what led Lord Reading to promise to find 1.2 million USD, while seeking $50,000 USD (fifty thousand) to organize this process!

The second time I heard the name of Mr. Moshanov was from a letter sent by President of Canadian Sambo Federation, Viktor Sokolovsky, whom I've known for years and who every year brings his students to our competitions on his own beautiful bus.

His letter states clearly that Mr Moshanov came to visit his Club, praised his work, at the same time had a diner in the restaurant at his expense and hugged goodbye, went away and then turned around to organize, in November of last year, a new Canadian Sambo Federation. Mr. Moshanov committed this action in direct conflict with the FIAS Statute.

The third time this name mentioned was in a letter of the President of Venezuelan Sambo Federation, Victor Pirela, whom I also know for many - many years as I have been in competitions organized by V. Pirela and personally respect him for dedication to SAMBO and his hard work.

Mr. Moshanov, behind V. Pirela’s back has executed a destructive policy directed to undermining the foundations of the Venezuelan Sambo Federation.

Clumsy letter from the President of FIAS, trying to justify actions of Dr. Andrew Moshanov contradicts itself, where in the first paragraph it says that the Mr. Moshanov is an official of FIAS and in the second paragraph it states that private individuals were allowed to travel to another country.

And finally, two days ago I received the letters from two Presidents of national Sambo federations who received a letter from the President of Trinidad and Tobago Sambo Federation, by the way not yet a member of FIAS. I have not received this letter and it turns out the author of the letter sent out to everyone conveniently forgetting to send it to the address of the person whom he accuses of something.

At my request, a letter was forwarded to me, and again I saw the familiar underscore of Mr. Andrew Moshanov, trying to create intrigue at the Pan-American continent.

I don't blame the President of the new Trinidad and Tobago Federation, who just six months ago found out that there is such a word-SAMBO and when prompted by the head of Department of FIAS DEVELOPMENT writes such letters.

For 54 years I have been engaged in SAMBO – and this is 108 times longer than the author of the letter and I have never threatened anybody. I do not remember that anyone ever wrote me such a letter.
But the proposal to create another Federation in Trinidad and Tobago, I liked it, it sounds very topically, it is necessary to think about.

David Rudman:
9 - Times champion of the USSR in Sambo,
2 - Times champion of Europe in Judo,
Sambo World Champion,
Honorary President of FIAS,
FIAS first Vice President
(This is for the newly arrived, real Sambists know me well and all my titles)

P.S. Maybe it is not even problem with Moshanov?  Someone took up the leadership of FIAS and inspires Andrew Moshanov to make a "FEAT", but more about it in the next letter.

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