Monday, January 14, 2013

IBF Judo Coaches meeting

IBF Annual Judo Coaches Meeting
Academy Sport @ Movement Milton Regis

Minutes of the Annual IBF Coaches Meeting
Sunday 13th January 2013 at 11am
Martin Clarke IBF UK President (Chairman)
Casey Belsey, Bradley Belsey,  Rob Belsey, George Loscombe, Michael Hutchinson, John Clarke, Vicky Franks, Keith Costa, Keith Brown, Jamie Marzetti
Colin Carrott, Danny Carrott, Kerry Penfold
Miles Brown, Trevor Davies, George Holbrook, Sue Tanner, Lee Reeves
Russell Dodds, Ian Parker, Steve Jacob
Mick Davies, Wesley Cousins
Oleg Siblov
Apologies were received from our London, Scottish, N Ireland, Bexley, East Anglia and Nottingham Clubs
MC opened the meeting with a welcome and particular welcome to Mick Davies and Oleg
1-Post Olympic Impact
The impact on membership was discussed with most feeling that the events of the summer having minimal impact, although Faversham have seen a couple of new female members as a result.
2-UK Competitions
There was a resounding yes to the question do we need to continue running competitions? The cost implications of running events were discussed alongside issues around numbers of officials, how medals are awarded (if only 3 in a group then only 2 gold and silver awarded) and new rule changes. A decrease in match duration was agreed-with over 8’s set at 2 minutes and Kyu grades as 3 minutes. The use of corner judges will be dependent on the number of officials available. It was also agreed that referees decision would come into play after a golden score time of the original match period.
Upcoming competitions were discussed with Sittingbourne running a larger competition in March and a ground work event yet to be arranged.
Faversham will postpone their planned Feb comp to April/early May.
Folkestone will run their outdoor comp/fun day the last Saturday in July.
Bedford will be running British Open Sombo the 2nd weekend in June and possibly another event in October.
MC also mentioned events possible in Scotland.
3-Club Mark
MC gave an overview of the club’s experiences of the Club mark process. He asked whether coaches would prefer it if we introduced our own system of specifications, that although wouldn’t be formally recognised, would give clubs something to work towards.

It was discussed whether there was still a place for the formal teaching of Kata and to have it as part of our grading syllabus. It was felt that there were suitably qualified coaches at every club that would allow individual clubs to run their own Kata courses rather than have them run centrally. MD suggested that this could contribute to an erosion of the Kata and that there is still a need for all the Kata coaches to get together to ensure consistency is maintained. LR offered that this is also the case for coaches within clubs as well, where we risk newly qualified coaches becoming replicas of other coaches in the club. This could be avoided by coaches ensuring they gain experiences and ideas from regular contact with other clubs.
5-IBF Instructors
MC gave an overview of the current coaching process. JC talked about how he had recently assessed several coaches over a longer period of time. MC informed everyone of an upcoming free style wrestling course being run by Alan Jones (National wrestling coach for Wales)
6-Dutch Open
This event is running 14th-16th March for Judo and Sombo. RD intends attending with a team.
7- European Competitions
This years IBF multi nations comp is in Belgium in April. MC to double check the date, ?21st April. The UK has been approached to run the 2014 event. It was felt that Bedford would be an appropriate venue as there is an appropriate facility; it is central for UK competitors and its close proximity to Luton airport for European competitors. RD agreed to look at setting a date in April 2014 and requested support from other clubs in running this event.
8-Grading Structure
Mc gave overview of the current structure and asked for coach’s opinions on the current junior and Kyu grade syllabus. All clubs are using it currently and felt it was useful.
9-Referee Courses
MC asked if there was a demand for courses for referees.  It was felt a formal course was needed rather than a self teaching method to avoid mixed interpretation of the rules. TD suggested this should include all coaches as they should also have an understanding of the rules. After discussion it was agreed that MD would approach a Referee for the BJA to arrange possibility of him running a course for us. There was a positive response from the coach’s present stating interest in external trainers running the course. LR suggested involving juniors at an early stage to get them involved in refereeing. It was agreed that it would become part of the grading syllabus for green and blue junior belts.
10-Summer Camp
MC explained that he was unable to secure booking of the ACF camp at Dibgate again this year. After discussion it was decided to run a weekend camp at Sittingbourne with a Dan grading on the Sunday. JC added that after discussion with GH it was decided to run “Fight night” six times a year, 3 at Sittingbourne on a Tuesday and 3 at Faversham on a Thursday with an expectation that anyone doing a Dan grade exam attends at least 2
11-Membership & Insurance
MC gave a run down on some adjustments to member ship costs and insurance issues.
CC brought up the issue of providing refreshments for table officials at competitions. KC to arrange for the Swallows competition.
Meeting was closed at 12.30pm

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