Sunday, January 27, 2013

Jason from Trinidad accuses Martin Clarke

I just received a letter from Trinidad and Tobago from a Jason Frazier his first involvement was in May last year where he was introduced to the sport by Andrew Moshanov who has been involved with FIAS since November 2011 I met Andrew for the first time at the World Championship in Lithuania November 2011 surprised we have not met before as he only live 20 miles from. Since his introduction Jason has formed 21 Sambo Clubs well done quite an achievement?

His first introduction to World Class Sambo was at the World Championships in November 2012 and it seems he was not happy with what he saw and has made several accusations one was against myself so I thought I should circulate my reply

Dear Jason

I have just had forwarded to me an email which my name was mentioned, one would have expected you to give me the courtesy of contacting me direct when making comments about me. I can not comment about your allegations about David Rudman and Jack Kogan as I was not privy to the conversation but find it hard to believe that they threatened you. With regards to your comments about me, my recollection was that I spoke to you once at length at the Breakfast Table and you asked me questions about FIAS and its structure which I explained to you. I emphasised that like all International Organisations there was occasionally some political strife, I also said for the first time this year the British Team were given Free accommodation at the Worlds which  I believe was at the direction of the FIAS President. You also asked about the Commonwealth Sambo Association and Mr Moshanov I informed you that I was not happy about Mr Moshanov and Lord Readings approach to the formation of this proposed organisation and that we tried to organise a Commonwealth Championships which was a complete flop and cancelled, my objections are quite well known and have appeared on the internet and in various magazines so their is no secret to my objections. With regard to me coercing you on to my side this is a ridiculous I am only on the side of a better FIAS, I hold no position on any FIAS Council or Committee and have no aspiration to hold any position My interest is to continue being President of Great Britain I started the British Sombo Federation in 1986  and have the privilege of being one of FIAS longest serving members please look up my CV
What I can remember of you and your team was that you were jovial group of guys who had good fighters and enjoyed a good time plus you could speak english
With regard to your association becoming member of FIAS if you have a proper constitution and have reasonable amount of members and run National and regional competitions I can see no reason why you can not eventually become members of FIAS. I have complained to FIAS that some countries are just a One man band and that these countries should not be accepted into FIAS
Hopefully we will meet again I hope to have a holiday in your part of the World maybe you can recommend somewhere


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