Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Rules on Judogi

No matter what the BJA say Judo is on the decline along with a lot of other sports, but what I heard yesterday if true (which I hope it is not) beggars belief.

I refer to the rumour that the BJA are about bring in a Rule that when you enter competition you have to have your name printed on the back and not only do you have to have one blue one white suit you now have to have two just in case one get torn, now this maybe OK for international players who have all their expenses paid for but what about the ordinary Judoka? Averages suit is £70 with name another £10 so £80 a suit time 4 equals £320 and what about resale? Who will buy a second hand suit with someone else’s name? So much for re-cycling, it seems strange as soon as a Manufacturer of Judogi’s sponsors the IJF we have to buy all this extra kit?

What’s a matter with reversible kit? Sambo is the same as Judo if you enter an international competition you have a single colour kit normally one of the sponsors agreed kit. Is this about making the sport better or making money for the committee members to have jollies?

Has anyone heard from GB’s most successful Judo Coach “Allen Roberts 6th Dan” what I hear he is desperately needed? They tell me if we do not get a least 8 Olympic Judo Medals there could be troubled times ahead, mind you the amount of money being spent on elite training we should get the amount required

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