Monday, February 07, 2011

Martin Clarke dinosaur

It’s a Strange World

25 years ago the Young Judo Club had 400 members and the better one would be put into my Competition Class it was considered an honour. I would shout at them expect them to work hard, expect them to turn up at competitions and most importantly only praised them when it was just. Did the parents or kids complain NO they thanked me for instilling discipline a sense of pride in their children also the children were made to realise you never achieve anything without hard work and dedication, they realised not everyone won medals or could be a champion but they also realised to train to be a champion was a good thing just trying to get there improved you as a Judoka and as a person. Yes I had the pleasure of training many Champion and saw nothing wrong in a Youngster wanting a Gold Medal

What of today the Political Correct way is not to shout that is considered bullying; competition is bad as it promotes elitism, rewards such as grades, medals etc should be given to anyone who attends irrelevant of standards NO one fails, every instructor is considered a potential hazard to children until they have a CRB check, Children and Parents demand grades they are not worthy of. How many kids do Judo today?

I know which system made the children better human beings but then again what do I know

Martin Clarke 8th Dan

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