Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chris Dolman Worlds Greatest Grappler

Worlds Greatest Grappler “Chris Dolman”

Whilst at the Dutch Open this year I had the pleasure and privilege to meet up with an old adversary Chris Dolman. Chris had travelled down from Amsterdam to Dalfsen to visit me; we have seen each other for 19 years. I fought Chris in the final of the World Games Sambo in 1985 and lost to him on a leg lock, I was 35 and he was already 40.

Chris was already a famous Judoka, Olympic Free Style and Greco Roman Wrestler, Samboist he had won World Medal in all disciplines so he had made his mark by the time he was 40 but he was not going to stop there. After the World Games the new Sport of Bushido was capturing the World of Martial Arts and promoters were soon on to Chris to take on all comers. Bushido was the for runner of cage fighting but done in a ring and people from all over were pitted in this limited rules Matches. Chris first fights were against people like Geoff Capes the famous GB Shot Putter and World Strongest man Bill Kazmaier , he beat Capes on a leg lock (I know how painful they are) and Kazmaier threw in the towel after have his legs kicked to pieces both of his opponents dwarfed him and out strengthen him but he proved that technique will beat just brute strength but his critics said he would never beat a good striker well once again he proved them wrong when he took on from Holland Chris proved he could take a punch and a kick defeating his opponent in the last round with that famous leg lock. The Japanese got to hear about him and became a star attraction in Japan for over 5 years taking on all comers and beating them,

So can I justify the claim Worlds Greatest Grappler YES because I do not know anyone else who has reach World Standard in so many different Grappling Skills?

Please go to YouTube and type in

Chris Dolman VS Geoff Capes

Chris Dolman VS Bill Kazmaier

Dick Frij vs Chris Dolman 1/2

Chris Dolman vs Gary Barber (USA) & Chris Dolman vs Martin Clarke (Great Britain)

Point of interest for those who have read my book “Martin For Moscow” you will see I mention an altercation with Peter Adelaar, well Peter can be seen at the end of the Geoff Capes fight he is the very very tall Gentleman who pushes Geoff Capes

Chris if you are reading this it has been an honour to have known and fought against you.

The photograph was taken at the Dutch Open I am now 61 and Chris is 67

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