Thursday, May 12, 2011

PankrationMMA Grappling

Things seem to be picking up at the Swale Martial Arts Club/Warriors Grappling Academy Sittingbourne, our Junior Judo Club has seen a slight increase in memberships but it is our senior section that has taken a big boost. John Clarke’s Jacket Grappling night on a Tuesday which features Judo, Kurash, Sambo and belt Wrestling is proving popular. Pankration the ancient Greek art of combat continues to be popular with the original instructor Saul White being of with a broken foot Martin Clarke assisted by George Loscombe and Michael Hutchinson have taken over. This type of Combat requires you to wear a jacket and involves a lot of throwing what is more popular is MMA Grappling which involves nearly all ground fighting with little throwing. So on July 6TH we intend running an extra class for MMA Grappling this will be coached by John Clarke, who has been an International Judo, Kurash, Sambo grappler, he also won a British Silver in Free Style Wrestling. This will start at 7pm till 8.15pm followed by Pankration/SportCombatSombo till 10pm, those who wish to can take part in both for the same price “BUY ONE GET ONE FREE”. Sambo on a Thursday coached by Martin Clarke still only get a few dedicated players but this to be expected as it is an advanced class.

Another interesting development is on a Saturday Morning Paul Sargent has be running the Kokusai Karate Club for over 20 years, teaching a small group of enthusiastic Junior karateKa Shotokan Karate. Paul who is a 3rd Dan Karate also holds Black belts in several other Martial Arts, that is why he will be adding Shiai Jutsu to his curriculum on a Saturday morning. Shiai Jutsu is a mixture of Karate and Judo below is a brief summary:

Shiai Jutsu is more suitable for Juniors then MMA as only allows semi contact kicks and punches, it allows limited amount of Gi holding (this stops it becoming a Judo Match)

Points are given as follows:

3pts controlled semi contact kick to head

3pts for a high throw

1 pt for Kick to Body, Punch to head or body

Hold on Floor 5 sec 1pt 10 secs 2pts 15 secs 3pts (Max 3pts on ground)

Submission from Strangle, Armlock or Leglock (Adults and 12 years and above)

3 minutes fights highest score wins or win by submission

Competitors wear a Judogi’s and MMA gloves

The club has several websites for more in depth insight on who we are and what we do:

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