Thursday, June 02, 2011

Young People ar wimps

Are Young People Wimps

Just after Christmas Sal White and myself started a Pankration Class, Saul softly spoken amicable sort of guy would take the first 45 minutes on striking and I would do 15 minutes on submissions and throws we supplied equipment and it was a reasonable success. As the weeks went by students were told they had to purchase their equipments gloves, jacket etc and they had pay a joining fee, this cost us a few members but for everyone we lost one filled their place.

About 6 weeks ago Saul injured himself and had to step back from coaching, so I took a more active role help by Michael and George. My teaching of any Combat Discipline is the student should be fit and able to fight that is the nature of the beast, so the throws got harder and higher. This culminated in last week a hour session becoming hour and quarter with 20 minutes of continual sparring/grappling, with about 10 in attendance it made an ideal number for changing opponents. Yes this was a harder session but I do not want student play acting I want fighters, I have lost count of so called hard men who only attend once. The following week, this Wednesday past, out of the 10 only 1 returned (Michael text being of sick) what a load of wimps one harder session and they blow but I bet they are in the pub bragging how they do MMA.

Compare modern day youth with the 1960’s and 70’s all we had was Judo but everyone would train at least twice a week and 6 week you would be committed to a competition or course and a lesson lasted 2 hours, now a day youth want to fight on the Xbox only WIMPWS

Martin Clarke

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