Friday, September 30, 2011

Uchi Komi

For years I have been unable to compete because of a damaged Knee and Hip and I miss it, since having a knee and hip replacement I feel 200% better and get the temptation to get back on and have a go is great The surgeons have told me that if I take a heavy blow to my knee I could become a cripple and as my wife says you have done your bit what have you to prove. Nothing but that urge is still there. So I have taken a leaf out of the Japanese Judoka Book where they old players go on and just do Uchi Komi, I do not think I am old but thought I will give this a try. So got my old mate 66 year old Alan Kontozi 2nd Dan to get his kit out and last night we had a 1/2 hour Uchi Komi moment. It was very satifying and I especially noticed how much my movements were restricted through muscles and joints not used to moving in such a way, bit more practise and at least I will be able to demonstrate moves again.

Word of advice to all young figthers "NEVER IGNORE AN INJURY AND ALWAYS MAKE SURE IT IS HEALED BEFORE YOU RETURN TO TRAINING" because if you do not it will come back to haunt you

Marin Clarke

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