Wednesday, October 05, 2011

British Sombo 25 years

The British Sombo Federation was started 25 years ago at my club in Sittingbourne, The founder members were myself Martin Clarke, Valerie Clarke, Brenda Jones, Alan Kontozi and Dave Boulding

In that period we have run countless competitions in England and Scotland, we run the European Championships in 1989 and Worlds in 1992 at Herne Bay. The BSF is accepted as the Governing body for Sambo/Sombo by UKSport. It has taken teams to World Championships practically every year since its formation.

To celebrate our Birthday the BSF will be running 25th anniversary championships in conjunction with the English Open on December 4th at the home of British Sambo/Sombo Sittingbourne.

When we started 25 years ago only a few had Sambo uniforms and when we organised the first comp we had to allow Judo Jackets that is no longer the case all Competition competitors are now expected to wear the proper equipment.

I hope as many as possible turn up for this event details are on the web

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