Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Warriors Club Champs

On Sat 21st of Jan the Warriors Grappling Academy held there club champs which was held at Swale martial Arts Club East Street Sittingbourne. Participation in Adult grappling is on the increase at the Warriors with Judo/Sombo on a Tuesday and MMA on a Wednesday having nearly maximum numbers on the mat we may have to extend to another night. The competition was divided into 3 different disciplines Judo, Sambo and MMA with some very experience international players taking part it was going to be a hard fought tournament. MMA was a new section as this was only started in January 2011 and has been a great success with Paul Clarke competiting who is an experience Cage fighter.
In the Judo comp everyone was hoping not to get the young Jedi 18 year old  Jamie Marzetti and unlucky for Danny Carrott and Paul Clarke they did and the out come for them was a loss and the first time Jamie had beaten his team mate Danny. In the other pool Ashley Costa over come Andy smith and Reece Enfold from Folkestone to meet the young Jedi in the finals. It was a very close fight and both fighter going for it with lots of attacks and plenty of twist and turns but the old man of judo came through and put the young Jedi well in his place with an Ippon, good result for the  31 year old

1st Ashley Costa
2nd Jamie Marzetti
3rd Danny Carrott
3rd Andy Smith

There was only 2 women entered and they fought it out to see who was best and after Debbie Jackson had come back to full training she looked very sharp and was just to good for Kerry Penfold from Folkestone.

1st Debbie Jackson
2nd Kerry Penfold.

Sombo was a turn around for Danny Carrott, Danny although only in his 20’s is a veteran player of several World Championships, clinically disposing of all his opponents


1st Danny Carrott

2nd Paul Clarke

3rd Ashley Costa

3rd Andy Smith

MMA this as was mentioned a new section and the experience cage fighter Paul Clarke was the favourite but Jamie an experienced Sombo player caught him with a leg lock something Sombo players are famous for


1st Jamie Marzetti

2nd Paul Clarke

3rd Andy Smith

3rd Keith Costa

Its was a very good comp and I was very please to see everyone compete, interesting to note that the same people appeared in the medal tally, this proves you can train in several grappling styles and I would like to thank Vicky, Colin and Keith for there help.

Those interested in Judo/Sombo Training is Tuesday 8pm, MMA and Combat Wrestling is Wednesday at 7pm and Keith Costa has started a beginners course in Judo/Sombo on a Friday night at 7.30pm all at the Swale Martial Arts Club East Street Sittingbourne

More information ibfbcsa@gmail.com 07074 200150 www.sittingbourne.org
John Clarke

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