Monday, February 04, 2013

Fernando Compte and Moshanov

The Founder and Father of FIAS (Federation International Amateur Sambo) Fernando Compte has just circulated the attached letter. Sadly Fernando is not a well man but we in Great Britain remember all the help he gave us when we first formed in 1986. It was him that took Sambo from being just ba USSR Sport and made it an International Grappling System. Fernando should be listened to and his letter suggest there are problems ahead for International Sambo, hopefully not the creation of another World Federation which has been suggested

to: Jack Kogan

From: Fernando Compte
Sent: Sunday, February 03, 2013 4:27 PM
To: 'FPASambo'
Subject: PAASF Congress

Dear Jack:

Thank you very much for the invitation to the PAASF Congress on March, 3, 2013.
Sorry that I am now not so active, my illness doesn’t let me travel, but as you know I give my vote to you and David.
I was reading with great interest the letter you send to Mr. Skali and also the others from Mr. Pulatov, Mr. Martin Clarke and David Rudman.
I must say that I’m really surprised and disappointed with all this new problems in FIAS, created by Mr. Moshanov and others.
I remember the good time and the good organization during the presidency of David.

With my best regards from your friend,
Fernando Compte

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