Saturday, February 22, 2014

Forget Judo take Up Sambo. New IJF Rules are killing the Art I love

Below is a link to the new IJF Judo Rules

I have to admit this is one of the few occasions that I am thankful I no longer compete as the rules by the IJF are slowly killing the Competitive side of Judo. Some years ago the IJF said they wanted to return to an upright stance and stop the mauling about associated with Sambo. This I felt was an insult to all Sambo Players if any of you have seen World Class Sambo you will know that the sport is a dynamic throwing sport. The inadequacies of Judo was the interpretation of the rules, let me give an example.

In the 1970's saw the start of fighting for grips which eventually became an integral part of Judo but it eventually led to the ridiculous sight of Judoka have what only be called a boxing match. In pre 1970's a referee would shout "Take Hold" if the ignore this command the referee would stop the match make them take hold and restart the match. With regard to techniques like Drop Knee Seoi and that horrible Drop Knee Kata Guruma if the technique was not successful they would penalise. If Referees were stronger using the rules of the 1970's there would be no need to change anything.

Judo has always been a complicated sport for the Spectator: Foreign Language, Hand signals that only a Judoka could understand, scoring where one type of throw would outweigh a multiple of throws. For those who have taught for any length of time will know how hard is to teach beginner what the rules are. Now you have so many rules you will soon need a degree to understand them.

Now see the difference with Sambo another jacket Wrestling Sport:
Match starts and finishes on a Whistle 1pt, 2pt, 4pt and Total Victory are given for throws, ground holds and submissions. All scores are given signals relevant to score Referees Red Arm score to Red if it is a 2 pt score it is indicated Thumb and Finger. There are no verbal scores. So a spectator who has never seen Sambo before can have understanding with in 20 minutes of watching the Sport

So you can see why Judoka are turning to Sambo

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