Wednesday, May 02, 2012

I am pleased they are not forgotten

When people die for a couple of years people remember them but after a while they are forgotten by most accept immediate family and friends. So I was over joyed when a younger generation who only know me as "that Guy who is the only FIAS Sombo GrandMaster in the UK" have asked questions about my parents. When I send the articles below and my own CV, the reply was I did not know you done Judo and other Martial Arts Martial as well. So my epitaph will be "Here lies a Sombo GrandMaster OH and he was an 8th Dan as well". My parents meant a great deal me so I am glad I have kept their memory alive and what would they have said about me being known as a Sombo Player Mum would have given me a kiss and said " I am proud of you" the Old man would have said "Well done Boy"

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