Wednesday, May 09, 2012

IBF/BCSA Membership

IBF/BCSA Membership for 2012/13 I thought would be down considerably it is down but only slightly, there has been a pattern change with a lot more Seniors joining and a lot of them are coming from Sombo and MMA which I find interesting. Coach registration is only down by 3 Coaches with all 3 being Judo Coaches. Interestingly we lost two clubs last year Brian Woodhalls Club and YJC Bredgar (which is having a short break) Other Clubs seem reluctant to renew I am told to save money, In my opinion a false saving on not having PL Insurance cover. Competition entries are well down with a many ill affording the cost of travel and accommodation in some cases, plus people today seem to have little interest in Competition or gradings. Adults just want to train once a week for fitness and youngsters, our biggest drop in membership, would rather play on electronic games. Sad to say not much we can do about that what we can do is nurture the kids who are doing it

Martin Clarke
IBF/BCSA President

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