Monday, June 18, 2012

Ormskirk Otanikwai Chris Bentley

Ormskirk OtaniKwai

Chris Bentley has recently joined the IBF/BCSA he has had his BJC 1st Dan Grade ratified by our Scottish Rep Robin Hyslop who also grade him to 1st Degree Black Belt Sombo. Chris won a silver in the British Open. His Black Belt was awarded by the British Judo Council over a decade ago and are known by their exemplary standards of being competitive yet retaining traditional standards just like the IBF. He has not just joined as an individual but brought his whole club over Ormskirk Otanikwai some of his members are seen below. for those who do not know where Ormskirk it is in Lancashire, not that far from Liverpool. It seems John Clarke 5th Dan who has Liverpool F C tattooed on his leg, has shown a major interest in visiting the club, I wonder why? Chris will be a major help in promoting the IBF/BCSA and Sombo in the area. Chris was introduced to us by Mushin Martial Arts Instructor Sue King.

Chris Bentley

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