Thursday, June 07, 2012

Vladimir Schaklov with Martin Clarke

This is a picture of Martin Clarke with Vladimir Schaklov taken at the European Championships in Moscow 2012

Martin First met Vlad in 1985 at the World Championships in San Sebastian Spain  He won the Gold Martin came 4th, the following year Martin met him in the final of the Worlds in Pau France, Martin lost 16 to 4. Vladimir had not been scored on for several years and the British and US team referred to Martin as "the man who threw the Russian" he actually comes from Siberia and was competing for the USSR

Vladimir was 5 times World Champion Sambo he also tried Judo a couple of times and won a World Silver, I also believe he only lost to the World Greatest Judo player Yamishita on a Koka

Martin and Vlad have remained friends and he attended the IBF/BCSA Summer Camp in St Mary's Bay in 1988, his two children now live in the UK and have British Passport

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