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FIAS Congress

This year FIAS Congress held in St Petersburg Russia was the best ever and the best attended. With a rival group claiming to be FIAS, President Shestakov arranged, through FIAS, to pay all expenses for delegates. This was a wise move because it did not rely on just the rich countries attending which could be seen as not a true representation. With every FIAS Country being present everyone could see this was a democratic organisation going about its business.
The hotel was superb as were the meals and every delegate was given a Gold Sambo watch plus the latest book “Sambo-Science of Winning”. The forward of this book was given by most probably Histories best ever Judoka YASUHIRO YAMASHITA just proving the appeal of Sambo within the wider sporting community

The congress was held on the Saturday afternoon and you can see the full report at the link below. I voted against some proposals on new members but was defeated but this is a democratic organisation and the majority did not agree with me. The congress was extremely well run with several guest speakers like the President of the European Union. Vice President Russian Olympic Committee and of course our much respected Lord Simon Reading who gave a speech on next years President Cup in London his speech is full at the bottom.

After the Congress is when the socialising starts, you meet new people and form new alliances. This year saw a great many new countries especially from Africa and the Caribbean.  In the past these Congresses would be a sea of white faces this year we saw all colours, FIAS had at long last become a truly World Organisation. Although I have had my disagreements with FIAS Advisor Andrew Moshanov it was mainly his work that got them here. I enjoyed the Congress but the Saturday night was even better talking, laughing and drinking was proof that people from all over the World can get together and have a good time. People sometimes worry about my caustic sense of humour but thankfully I never offended anyone, in fact I met Terry from Australia who had my sense of humour. The only bad point of the Congress was when I went for dinner sat on a chair which collapsed under me much to the joy of those around me but did they need to take photos?

So the main interest for us in GB was the Presidents Cup once again after the Congress had finished I managed to get some answers on a couple of crucial points many were about the organisation which may not interest you but we agreed on a suggested strategy in that 8 teams plus GB will be invited to the event and they will be the Top 5 countries of the World (FIAS will tell us who they are and the Commonwealth Countries being divided into 3 regions Oceania, Africa, Caribbean/Canada they will arrange trials to select their fighters

Potential Categories
Sombo Men 57k to 100k plus
Combat Sambo Men 74k to 100k plus
Women 4 weights yet to be decided

The President’s Cup 2014:
Promoting SAMBO and Russia in London
Event Management Proposal October 2013
New Century | +44 (0)20 7930 8033 | |
2. Introduction
3. An international platform for SAMBO
4. The Tournament
5. The Gala Dinner
6. Support from Russia’s Leading Businesses 7. The Budget
8. Conclusion
New Century | +44 (0)20 7930 8033 | |
Following discussions with Mr Shestakov and colleagues, New Century is delighted to provide this initial proposal to deliver, manage and promote the President’s Cup 2014, as the official launch of SAMBO onto the world stage.
SAMBO will be positioned as a major international sport and as a key element in the 2014 Year of Cultural Exchange between Russia and the UK. The staging of a prestigious, international tournament, held in London, that draws widespread recognition, is attended by influential dignitaries, and attracts the support of leading Russian brands, can play a crucial role in introducing the sport to new audiences, and also help to build a positive image of Russia.
The programme outlined in this proposal will not only be the pinnacle of the 2014 UK-Russian Year of Cultural Exchange, but set a benchmark for future cooperation between the UK and Russia, and cement FIAS’ reputation both domestically and internationally as a valued and respected advocate for SAMBO and Russia.
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An International Platform For SAMBO
The President’s Cup 2014 will mark the formal launch of SAMBO on the international stage. The tournament, complemented with an exclusive programme of events, will act as a platform that will position SAMBO as a leading international sport, and the President’s Cup as the landmark event of the 2014 UK-Russia Year of Cultural Exchange.
The President’s Cup will take the form of a world-class SAMBO tournament, featuring eight teams from all over the world, in one of London’s finest locations. The tournament will welcome competitors and dignitaries from around the world and will encourage the development of the sport in new markets and to new audiences.
The tournament will be followed by a prestigious black tie evening reception at a historic location in London, where the winning team will be presented with the President’s Cup by Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Both events will be attended by high-level dignitaries from across the UK and Russia, including, UK Prime Minister David Cameron, members of the Royal Family, members of the British and Russian Government, diplomats from the Russian Embassy, SAMBO officials and a selection of high-level, influential Russian and British corporate executives.
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The Tournament
The tournament will take place at a historic London location, with the primary target being Old Bilingsgate. Located in the heart of the City of London, Old Bilingsgate is a former location of the famous Bilingsgate Fish Market. Now one of Europe’s most prestigious event venues, it hosts a variety of events throughout the year, including the Conservative Party’s Summer Party, where Mr Shestakov was introduced to Prime Minister David Cameron this year by New Century Chairman David Burnside.
Old Bilingsgate is able to accommodate the SAMBO tournament, and cater for an anticipated audience of 500 people, including SAMBO team members, officials, dignitaries and press.
The successful delivery of a tournament of this stature, that attracts the attention of the most influential figures in UK and Russian media, politics and business, would help to build a positive image of Russia, and promote the mutual values that have sustained Britain’s natural alliance with Russia over the years.
New Century | +44 (0)20 7930 8033 | |
The Gala Dinner
The gala dinner will take place in the evening following the SAMBO tournament in the grand surroundings of The Guildhall. Home to the City of London corporation for over 800 years, the Guild Hall is synonymous with the rich history of London and is often used to host banquets for visiting Heads of State, Royal Family occasions and to mark major historical anniversaries.
The gala will feature a programme that demonstrates Russia’s rich cultural heritage, from its proud classical and folk heritage to its burgeoning contemporary scene. Such a performance, in the setting of the historical Guildhall, will be the perfect exhibition of the culture and history of the UK and Russia.
Attended by well-known Russian and international VIPs from the spheres of politics, business, sport, media, film, art and fashion, the event will present a unique opportunity to network at the very highest level in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.
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Support from Russia’s Leading Businesses
New Century will support the President’s Cup and ensure that it not only promotes the sport of SAMBO, but promotes Russia as a country committed to the development of deeper socio- economic and cultural ties with the UK. This will include high level liaison with members of the political, media and business communities and should be backed up by the presence of a high profile, Russian corporate sponsor.
Securing high level corporate sponsors for the President’s Cup will be essential in the promotion of the event, and represents an excellent opportunity to target a sponsor that will encapsulate the positive relations between Russia and the UK.
We understand that FIAS is already in partnership with Rosneft and we believe that they could be uniquely positioned as a natural and symbolic partner for the President’s Cup in London following the historic signing of its deal with BP last year. The deal represented a sea-change in UK-Russia business relations and stands as a beacon for future business cooperation between the two nations.
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The Budget
For an internationally respected, successful President’s Cup to be delivered in the summer 2014, preparations, including financing, must be set in place as soon as possible.
A budget of £1,500,000 is expected to deliver the world-class and prestigious programme of events SAMBO, FIAS and indeed Russia deserves.
Outlined below is a brief breakdown of the services included. A detailed budget is available on request and subject to an additional fee:
Gala Dinner
Venue Hire
Artist Fees
Technical Production
Artistic Service (Visas etc)
SAMBO Tournament
Venue Hire
Technical Production
SAMBO Competitor Costs (Travel, Accommodation etc)
Organising Committee
Public Relations
High-level coordination
New Century | +44 (0)20 7930 8033 | |
New Century is confident it has the necessary expertise, knowledge and personal contacts to ensure the successful delivery of the President’s Cup in 2014.
We strongly believe that the President’s Cup and SAMBO represent a real opportunity to grow and maintain positive socio-economic and cultural relations between the UK and Russia, a vital alliance that has suffered under a slew of negative media coverage following high profile geopolitical and social differences in recent months and years.
We would very much welcome the opportunity to work in partnership with you to help develop this relationship and position SAMBO as a global sport of significance.
New Century | +44 (0)20 7930 8033 | |

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