Thursday, October 03, 2013

Where have the years gone

I will be taking part in the FIAS Congress in St Petersburg Russia this weekend and I have to supply some documentation. Whilst going through the files I came up with the following
Just a reminder of all those who helped at the European Sombo Championships in Herne Bay England 1989. Just myself and Alan Kontozi still serving British Sombo Federation both of us also organised the World Championships in 1992
As you know my mother and father were the people who got me involved with what I do now from the age of 5 I started Judo that is 58 years ago and when Dad got ill in 1988 I took over the IBF but I was officially recognised as IBF Rep in 1989
I developed my CombatSombo System in 1989 but it took me two years to get it registered with the Trade Mark Registry it was later recognised by FIAS as my on style 

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