Monday, September 30, 2013

Help me with my dates

 Some old Photo's I am terrible with dates let me know what the dates are

IBF Presentation Night ?

Mick Poole and the Isle of Wight Squad for International IBF Event Mid late 80's?
 Warriors At British Bedford is that Danny or a young Colin?

Neil Adams Course Sittingbourne

SE England Olympic Weightlifting Championships 1978?

World Jiu Jitsu Championships 1984?

World Masters Malta 1999
I won a silver in my worst ever performance I had the arrogance to think I did not need to train for this event and still thought I could win. Yet this defeat helped me win the World Masters Judo in 2001 for this event i trained my socks off

World Open Sombo Montana 1998?
Josh Henson is here with his arm around my wife glad to see Josh is back, Herve from Switzerland still involved, myself and Dave Boulding. Sadly nobody sees dave anymore

Warriors France I think

Basque 1992 Paul Sawyer John and Martin Clarke Joe Blanco Tony Bull

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