Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Great Britain Sombo Selection Process

The British Sombo Federation has made great in roads into National and International Sambo with the help of FIAS and the majority of our members welcome the progress but you always get he few disgruntled ones normally those who are normally non achievers. In the past these people would have their moan in their club and it would be put down to petty jealousy but now we have Facebook, which can reach many people. This medium allows them to vent vociferous bile without any substance; I just use Facebook as a way to promote my competitions etc.

Once again it is the BSF selection process that has come under scrutiny, so let me explain selection of British for Worlds and Europeans. A BSF Committee conducts this process and it was agreed that those who were British Subjects who were placed the highest in the British would be eligible for selection, the final selection of 8 fighters were made accordingly, those who did not enter were not considered. To represent GB you have to be a British Subject and a member of a BSF organisation, this does not mean you have to be born in GB you can be someone who has moved to this country and become a naturalised citizen. The BSF know of an extremely good Lithuanian and Bulgarian who compete in our tournaments and live in GB and we have encouraged them to obtain a British Passport, we have even to offered to support their application as they could bring benefit to the British Team.

A selection process also applies to selecting Coaches for training camps etc. The training camp is for exceptional Coaches who have British Passports and are registered with the BSF those who do not have British Passports can go through their own countries Sambo Organisation. The BSF EC does selection process for the position of the National Coach for both Sombo and Combat Sambo.  There is always complaints that when there is a family connection in any selection process as with the BSF selection of my son John. Some say it is nepotism but let me assure you that John has been one of the most successful Sombo players in GB he first won a World Silver at the age of 15 (1988), his most successfully World Senior Championship result was a 5th place he is the only person to represent GB at World Championships as Schoolboy, Junior, Senior and Master. What is more important, him and his club the Warriors has trained more British Champions then any other club, in the last few years he has organised along with Colin Carrott over 20 Instructors courses and in the next month will travel to Yorkshire to do another Sombo Course, to be a successful National Coach you have to active throughout the country. So as a Father and Chairman of the BSF I am extremely pleased with John, as is the rest of the BSF EC

The BSF is a democratic Body and our AGM is on January 18th 2014 in Sittingbourne the place where the BSF was formed. The BSF is a federation of associations so if you want to be elected, as 2014 is election year, get your organisation to put you forward.  The BSF welcomes new organisations all the time and the criteria is as follows:

An Association wishing to affiliate must be practising Sombo or CombatSombo or Full Contact Sombo and they must conform to the following:
  1. They must be have been in existence for a minimum of 12 months and must have a minimum of 50 members who names maybe checked
  2. The Association must have a constitution which must be sent with application
  3. Name of Committee members must be produced
  4. Must have Insurance Cover which must be produced
  5. Must have Child Protection Policy
  6. Must have Equity Policy
  7. Must have Health and Safety Policy

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