Monday, September 16, 2013

FIAS President V Shestakov supports the British Sombo Federation

The British Sombo Federation have been invited to send some British Coaches to a weeks Coaches Training in St Petersburg at the end of October. This will be all at the expenses of our International Body FIAS, which it is also paying for 8 competitors and 4 delegates to attend the World Championships in November. These events coupled with the fact that FIAS is purchasing two full size mat areas for the BSF proves that our International Organisation is helping countries like GB to bring Sambo to the for on the International Scene. Our thanks go to FIAS President V Shestakov and the rest of the FIAS EC for supporting us.
We are all looking forward to next years Presidents Cup to be held in London in June yet another event funded by FIAS

Those selected for St Petersburg trip are:

Robin Hyslop, John Sharpe, Russell Dodds, Keith Costa, Colin Carrott, Barry Gibson,  George Loscombe, 

Their itinerary is
26.10.13 Saturday
·      Arriving in St. Petersburg
·      Hotel Accommodation
27.10.13 Sunday
·      City Tour
28.10.13 Monday
·      Morning training
·      Evening training
29.10.13 Tuesday
·      Morning training
·      Evening training
30.10.13 Wednesday
·      Morning training
·      Evening training
31.10.13 Thursday
·      Morning training
·      Evening training
1.11.13 Friday
·      Departure

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