Friday, December 06, 2013

Awards Night Venue and List

Awards Night Venue

We have over 60 people booked for the Awards Night, all those who receiving awards have been registered and are listed below. 

All those who have booked will get the Table plan on December 28th also any of you who have dietary problem should contact me immediately. I just visited the Best Western Coniston and I put on some photographs, the Hotel was refurbished just 18 months ago and looks tremendous. I can still take on some who wish just attend I am will be returning to the Coniston on December 28th so if there are any extras get your money before then

British Sombo Federation

Honorary Presidents

Robin Hyslop Scotland
Josh Henson USA
Valerie Clarke England
Alan Kontozi England

Outstanding Service award

Robin Hyslop Scotland
John Sharpe Scotland
Chris St John N Ireland
John Clarke England
Colin Carrott England
Russell Dodds England

International Budo Federation Long Service Award

Bronze Award

Debbie Jackson 21 years
Kerrie Penfold 21 years
Danny Carrott 22 years
Colin Carrott 20 years
Daniel Diamond 21 years
David Diamond 21 years

Silver Award
Keith Costa 25 years
Ashley Costa 27 years

Gold Award
Valerie Clarke 32 years
Robin Hyslop 35 years
John Clarke 35 years
Alan Kontozi 35 years
Ken Cassell 35 years
Trevor Davies 37 years

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