Monday, December 23, 2013

Kazakh Wrestling

Kazakh Traditional wrestling is an integral part of folk culture in Central Asia and has always played an important role in the nomads' everyday and social life 
 Kazakh kures takes place in standing position only. Wrestlers can grab their uniform or belt and use leg trips to force their opponent to the mat, but they are not allowed to hold the legs. Some of the typical holds are similar to those used in Greco-Roman wrestling and several Olympic medallists, including Daulet Turlykhanov and Saksylik Ushkempirov, have a Kazakh kures background. The sport is governed on the international level by the World Kazakh Kures Federation that became a member of FILA in 2010. A partnership agreement was signed by the FILA President and WKKF President on the occasion of the 5th World Wrestling Games held in Astana on 22-23 October 2010.   

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