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              All-Style-Semicontact and  Kata/Tul/Poomse/Weapon-Kata


                     (for all federations, clubs schools, groups and private)

Organization:                       IBF-Deutschland e.V.

Promotion:                           TUSPO Rahden e.V.

Leading:                                Leading referee Mr. Uwe Kampeter

Date :                                     Saturday, June 14th, 2014

Place:                                    Stadtsporthalle Rahden

                       Am Brullfeld 4

                                                D-32369 Rahden / Westfalen
                                          Tel. 0049 – 5771 - 4200

Weigh-in:                               08:30 a.m. to 09:30 a.m.

                                                There will be no late weigh-in. Please arrive in time !

Competition:                        10:00 a.m.


Kata/Tul/Poomse/               Children:       - up to and including 10 years
                                                Youth:            - 11 to 15 years
                                                Boys and Girls will start seperate.
                                          Seniors from 16 years on,     men and women seperate

Weapon-Kata                   Children / Juniors / Seniors, male and female seperate

Synchron-Kata                    Children / Youth / Seniors,    Teams 3 competitors

Fight                                       Children                   up to and including 10 years
                                                Boys:              -25/ -30/ 35/ -40/ -45/ +45 kg
                                                Girls:              -25/ -30/ 35/ -40/ -45/ +45 kg

Youth                         11 to 15 years
                                                Boys:               -30/ -35/ -40/ -45/ -50/ -55/ -65/ +65kg
                                                Girls:                -30/ -35/ -40/ -45/ -50/ -55/ -65/ +65kg
                                                Seniors                      age 16 years or more
                                                Ladies:            - 55/ -65/ -75/+75 kg
                                                Gentlemen:      -60/ -65/ -70/ -75/ -80/-90/+90 kg

Prizes:                                   There will be 3 medals for each category and a certificate
                                                for all competitors.

Registration:                        Send your registration form
                        at latest on May, 25th , 2014

Please use the Excel-chart “Vordrucke Meldeliste”, which can be downloaded from the homepage of the IBF-Germany ( under “Download” and send it per email to the address below.
                                                IBF-Deutschland e.V. / Mr. F.G. Niering                              
                                                46483 WESEL/GERMANY Beguinenstr. 6                                                                         Fax:  0049 (0) 281 /  3 11 09
                                    Registration means : You have to pay !

                                    Registrations that are not filled in correctly or unreadably, will
                                  be sent back. Everything has to be filled in. A contact person has
                                  to be mentioned. If you do not use the Excel-chart, you have to
                                  pay 5,00 € per person in addition. If you send your registration
                                  after the deadline, you have to pay 5,00 € per person and
                                  discipline, if the registration is still possible.

Registration fee:                 IBF-Members with IBF-Passport have to pay:
                                                Kata /Weapon-Kata / Fight:Euro 15,-- each Person and Discipline
                                                Synchron-Kata:                    Euro 40,--     each Team                                                        
                                                Competitors without IBF-Passport have to pay:
                                                Kata /Weapon-Kata / Fight:Euro  25,-- each Person and Discipline
                                                Synchron-Kata:                    Euro  60--  each Team           

The registration fee has to be paid to the account of the IBF-Germany up to June 05th, 2014 at the latest. 
Bank: Commerzbank Wesel, IBAN: DE46 3564 0064 0150 4356 00, BIC: COBADEFFXXX
Rules:                                    IBF-Semi-Contact rules
                                               Only Karategi – no T-Shirt – „TOK“ under trousers –
                                               Competition with safety equipment ( shoes and gloves)

Competition:                        Each competitor must be in the possession of a valid
                                                Budo-pass and competes on his / her own risk.
Competitors have to be sport-healthy and sport-accident-insured. For minors a written approval of the parents is neccessary.

Equipment:                          Clothing in accordance with the style or uniform club-clothing. This must be described on the application form. Only Dobok, Karate-Gi, Kung-Fu-Uniform or long Kick-Box-trousers with unique Club-Shirt. No shorts, no individual shirts, no military look !! Clothing and Equipment in accordance with Competition Regulations of IBF. Cup is obligation for all fighters. In order to avoid tooth injuries, please wear a tooth protection.
Match system:                    IBF-rules (can be downloaded in the internet)
                                                6 fight-areas. Special quality: Please see Competition
                                                Regulations of IBF: „In the team-competition, an assorted
                                                team is allowed, if it is mentioned in the announcement.
                                                A team consists of 3 members. One team-member can
                                                belong to the next higher or lower age group.“

Referees:                              Up to 19 participants each group has to present one referee
                                              with a valid IBF-Referee licence A, B, C or D for the whole
                                              tournament. From 20 participants onwards each block of 10
                                              has to present a referee. The leading referee will decide about
                                              the action of the referee. The cancel fee for a missing referee   
                                              is Euro 50,--.
Coach:                                   Each coach must be in the possession of a coach licence
                                                or referees licence and a valid Budo-pass. His name has to be
                                                registrated on the announcement.

With best regards   

Friedebert-Georg Niering    
 President of IBF-Germany e.V.                    


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