Sunday, March 02, 2014

Past Judo Rules

With many Judoka dissatisfied with the new IJF Judo Rule, I thought it would be a good idea to take a step back to 1989. At that time a lot of Coaches were complaining that there was very little throwing in Judo because most contests forced there opponents on the ground and just done NeWaza basically a form of BJJ. So to encourage people to come and watch Judo and to encourage throwing techniques, I introduced Points Scoring Judo see the  details from 1989(Sorry about the quality it is old) This worked quite well but the traditionalist complained bitterly wanting to keep to the antiquated way of Judo Shiai. With Sombo/Sambo on the increase I concentrated on that style of Jacket Wrestling which was a lot more dynamic. My point is someone from the IJF should step out of the Judo Box and create a completely new set of rules even if it is just an experiment

Further down is the British Officials for the 1989 IBF Multi Nations held at the Swallows see if you can remember the names?

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