Monday, May 26, 2014

Catch Wrestling

Many people make a big thing about MMA Grappling, I personally have registered our club with the British Wrestling Association which does the FILA Version which is call Amatuer MMA. Yet long before this form of Submission Wrestling came to prominence there was Lancashire Catch as Catch Can or Catch Wrestling. This was a hard brutal form of wrestling not for the feint hearted and I believe started in the the late 18th century. I first came across it back in the 1980's when the famous Jiu Jitsuka Iron Man Trev Roberts showed me some moves, what a lot people do not realise  Trevor was a very competent wrestler. Later a young man named Gary Pollard form the Northeast joined my organisation and he actually had classes in Catch he also wrote a small book on the subject. I recently came accross the YouTube clip below which prompted me to put a piece on my Blog as a reminder to those that think they have reinvented the wheel the past should not be forgotten. On a different subject but in the same vein of remembering the past.  Who uses the Shield Techniques of the ancient Romans? The Police!

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