Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Presidents Cup-Europeans

The Presidents Cup to be held at the GLOW Bluewater Centre Dartford on Saturday September 27th 2014 http://combatarts.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/two-sambo-spectaculars-in-england-2014.html has attracted a great deal of Media interest especially from the Martial Arts Fraternity. FEDOR EMELYANENKO and OLEG TAKTAROV most probably Russia's 2 greatest fighters hope to be in attendance. The spectator seating for this event will be 800 and the BSF have been allocated a 100 seats. Overall organiser is Andrew Moshanov FIAS Technical Advisor, the BSF have a vital part to play as Consultants to the event and are pulling out all the stops to make this an event to be proud of.

In the next few weeks tickets will be available as will publicity packages, this is an an event not to be missed especially as Russia will be sending their top fighters. So if you want see Sambo and Combat Sambo at its best make sure you are there.

Why is it called the "PRESIDENTS CUP" quite simply it is in appreciation of all the FIAS Presidents throughout the World it is a practical way of saying thankyou for the work they have done for World Wide Sambo

Wit many Commonwealth Countries being involved in this event it made good sense to organise the Commonwealth Sambo Championships the following day. The BSF will be helping out with this event by supplying table officials but the overall organiser are Lord Simon Reading President CSA and Andrew Moshanov FIAS Technical Advisor. In the next few weeks full details of this event will be available

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