Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Camp News

After a shaky start people have started to book in, what has excited me is the fact for the first time at the camp I have allowed Juniors 11 years to 15 years to participate and we have to date 12 juniors on the course. Although supervised the juniors will be participating in the full course quite a growing up experience for them. Seniors as expected are down but we hope to have really enjoyable course, there are still plenty of spaces on the course book in advance juniors £200, seniors £250 book on the day £275, those wishing to attend daily and not sleep it is £50 a day.
Good news from Tom Starling 7th Dan is that he will now be staying at the camp and offering C&R and Kobudo, he will bring a few Boken down with him and other practice weapons, so people need not worry about having to purchase any weapons. However, if anyone has their own sword and they want to learn how to use it please bring it with them for Iai-Jutsu practice and start of our Jiu-Jitsu IBF New Iai-Jutsu Kata & Syllabus. He will be also bringing manuals with him of the Jiu-Jitsu IBF syllabus.
I am also pleased to say that since my Hip and Knee have been replaced I will be teaching Sombo/Sambo, CombatSombo and MMA SportCS. Those who wish to do MMA SportCS should bring MMA Gloves and Shin & Instep,
If you want to know more contact me Martin Clarke

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