Thursday, July 29, 2010

YJC in Scotland

Young Judo Club a Club without a CLUB MARK win in Scotland
Members of the Young Judo Club Sittingbourne based at Swale Martial Arts Club Sittingbourne travel to Dumfries Scotland for our annual pilgrimage to the IBF Scottish Open. This year just three competitors competed from the YJC the financial troubles of the World do not make accept ions for Judoka, the three were 10 year old Liam Jordan , 17 year old Jamie Mazetti and 23 year old Danny Carrott. The reason I have quoted their age is that a couple of weeks ago I was criticised by the PE Mistress of St Peters School because I believed that her school should do more to encourage her children to join clubs as School Judo is limited, the three players I have mentioned are proof of my belief each one of them started Judo at about 6 years of age and in Danny’s case still with us at 22 an impossible thing in a School especially a Primary School. The Young Judo Club was founded in 1957; 53 years of producing Judoka and a Club that doesn’t have the controversial CLUB MARK.
Liam Jordan one of our lightest Judoka was once again on Gold winning form beating his opposition in tremendous form, Liam was accompanied by mum Sarah who also helped out as an official. Danny Carrott 3rd Dan was favourite to win Gold in the Men’s under 90k but his fight with Danny Roberts from Scotland proved to be extremely hard last year Carrott beat Roberts but at the end of this years match they were both equal and the match went to extra time Carrott attacked Roberts with a powerful hip throw only to be countered but Carrott gymnastic qualities stopped Roberts scoring but popped two of Carrott Ribs putting him pout of the tournament. Danny Roberts went on to win the u90k class beating 17 year old YJC member Jamie Marzetti in the final. Jamie also won gold in the Young Men’s event. Several YJC members helped officiate and David Wellsman was awarded a special trophy for his help, David was a successful Junior Judoka but has always moaned that he can not see a photo of himself on the Club wall well now we a picture of him receiving a Judo Award.
The event was organised by IBF Scottish Rep Robin Hyslop 4th Dan although it was not the best turn out it was still better then numbers we are getting in the South. Well done Robin and we look forward to attending next year
If some bureaucrats have their way clubs like the Young Judo Club will forced to close if they do not get a Club Mark lets hope the Coalition government have the sense to scrap the Club Mark and save money

Martin Clarke

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