Sunday, August 07, 2011

Economy-Riots-Bar B Q

"The Economy of the World are in down turn Stock Market rices drop fear of Crash"
This is what you hearing from the Press Panic stations but in reality stock and share are only paper, the only intrinsic value is when they sold or purchased. So if you do neither you are no worse of. It is like buying a House for say £200,000 and its value drops to £150,000 If you do not intend to move or sell you are no worse of and no better off. So what hits ordinary Joe Bloggs is when the Bank Rate goes up, Wages come down and prices go up, the latter two is normally about greed. Well that's my take on it.

Riots in Tottenham these are gangsters most being being black it has nothing to do with it, there are enough white gangsters scum in other cities who would do the same. Now I hope the Police look through all the TV coverage and pick out those involved and lets hope the Judges send out a message buy giving them heavy sentences. Already the Lefty Liberals are starting to make excuses and blame the Police and lets be honest they are the one who decide what British Justice is.

Any way had a few old friend round for Bar B Q Saturday night had a great time well away from it all Cheers Trevor and Kendall, Keith and Wendy, Norman and Maggies special thanks to wife Val Oh must not forget Granddaughter Connie who popped round on her 13th Birthday

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