Monday, August 22, 2011

Summer Camp 2011


Well August is here again and once again it is time for the Annual IBF Summer Camp in fact this is our 45th year it was first started by Nobby Clarke 6th Dan Deceased using the old St Mary’s Bay Schools Journey Centre, then the ACF camp St Mary’s bay Romney Marsh which was to be our home till 2006 when that was demolished to the newly built ACF Camp Dibgate St Martins Plain Folkestone. Nobby ran the camp till 1988 when illness prevented him carrying on his son Martin took over, the camp is still known as Nobby’s camp event though Martin has run it for more years, but then that is what a legend is all about.

As the years moved on we saw massive improvements in the facilities and the equipment used, plus the camp expanded from a Judo programme to Martial Arts and Combat Disciplines. Sadly the interest in these courses has slowly died, at the height of Summer Camp in the late 1970’s Nobby would run for 4 weeks with two junior weeks and two Senior weeks over that period he would have 600 players not just from GB but from all over the world, this year we were down to one week and 18 course members. Some say it is time to throw in the towel but my answer to that is NO what we need to do is change the way we run the run the course and what we do.

Those involved in Combat Disciplines today are not the hardy breed of yesteryear, they no longer want be thrown around the mat. There are two distinct types who want to do Combat disciplines

1)      Is the traditionalist who still want carry the tradition of hundred of years, enjoys the discipline, courtesy, realises that what they do is a Martial Art  and always appreciate the need for such things as Kata and realise that competition is just a part of what they do.

2)      Then there is the Modern concept made popular by Cage Fighting and Shoot Wrestling this has led to various off shoots involving different forms of Submission Wrestling some with stinking some without, this has been widely called MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) a very discredit name which has nothing to with Martial Arts. The correct term for grappling without strikes is FILA Grappling and with strikes FILA Combat, both are about grappling and beating your opponent nothing more, unlike Traditional Combat there is very little throwing involved and this is one of the reasons it has become very popular. There are no standard clothing just Beach style shorts and a T shirts. FILA Styles are recognised by the the government body the British Wrestling Association. MMA has no governing body has no government recognition or will have.

So if Camp is to survive we need to cater for both and that is what we plan, next years camp will be divided into three, 5 day residential course August 20 til 24th, will be Martial Arts, same venue but different area Summer Sambo Camp and another area Summer Grappling Week featuring FILA Grappling Styles (also known as MMA). If we have sufficient interest we will run a Judo Instructors, Sambo Instructors and BCSA Submission Wrestling instructors’ courses.

The Martial Arts weekend will be for 11 years and above and Adults in fact we want to actively encourage juniors to attend, the grappling weekend will be more intense so the minimum age will be 15. The price will be kept low just £200 this will include all tuition fees, dormitory accommodation and breakfast and evening meal plus will give discount for block bookings.


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