Monday, August 29, 2011

Summer Camp is finished and I am back home

Back home from Summer Camp, pleased to be in my own bed, once again over indulged put on 6 lbs and my diabetes was up to 12, will soon have them down take me about a week. Feel totally whacked out and did not do a lot, some say it is an age thing but I believe its because you are on a high all the week.
Summer Camp is like being in a Bubble away from reality, you are with people you want to be with doing something you all enjoy and want to do, where else i life can you say that? You meet old friends and make new ones. For the first couple of days after camp you feel deflated and in a period of Anti Climax but then reality kicks in and of we go again.

Many have said you have never real experience the Martial Arts until you have spent a week at Camp quite agree and this is my 45th year

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