Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Bedford GA Sombo comps invites Judoka

Russell Dodds is organising a Sombo and Combat Sambo Competition in November I hope you all will support it.

The event will classified as a Division 1 tournament where competitors can collect points for selection to the British Team

I would also like to appeal to the Judo Fraternity to have a go especially with the Kids. Judoka regular reject all other forms of Grappling feeling what they do is more then just grappling, yet competitive Judo is just an other form of Jacket Wrestling compared with other Jackets wrestling styles from Mongolia, Georgia, Uzbekistan and Cornwall it is relatively new. What makes it different is Kata and the Philosophy of Jigaro Kano. Yet purists still reject other styles of competition because it is not JUDO but shall we be honest the Judo rules of today are nothing like the rules of 10 years ago. So get your pupils to try Sombo especially for kids as it gives them much more chance to try out their skills. Russell has deliberately left out Submissions and has allowed Judo Kids to be able to use their Judo Jackest so there is no extra expense.

Log on to the link below and at least have a look

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