Thursday, October 25, 2012

GB World Sambo Team

The BSF British will be:

Sambo Team:
U57k Bradley Belsey England,
U62k Casey Belsey England,
U68k Ashley Costa England,
 U74k Reece Armstrong Scotland
U82k Jamie Marzetti England,
U90k Johannes Alder Scotland
U100k Barry Gibson England,
O100k Matthew Clempner England

Combat Sambo Team:
 U82k Ryan Trebitcock,
 U100k Barry Gibson England
O100k Ben Whitehead England

Martin Clarke BSF President
Robin Hyslop BSF Chairman,
 John Clarke National Sambo Coach,
Colin Carrott Combat Sambo Coach, 
Russell Dodds Press Officer
John Sharpe BSF Treasurer

This is the largest team we have taken for over 20 years what is more important it is a team of a good standard let all of us wish them good luck 


World SAMBO Championships - Minsk
16 November 2012 ,  12:00 - 12:30 GMT  
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World SAMBO Championships (sport and combat SAMBO), Minsk, Belarus 9-11 November 2012

500 athletes from 50 different countries, in 27 weight categories of sports SAMBO (men and women) and combat SAMBO will participate in the World SAMBO Championship which will take place in Minsk from the 9th to the 11th of November.
The favorites of this Championship are the teams from Russia, Georgia, Belarus, and Bulgaria. Lithuania, France, Romania, and Italy are teams which are gaining strength in SAMBO nowadays. Athletes from these countries are real contenders for medals of World SAMBO Championship in Minsk.
SAMBO was officially founded on November 16th, 1938. It originated in the 1920s, as a unique synthesis of the best techniques from wrestling and martial arts around the world: Uzbek kurash, Georgian chiadoba and Armenian kokh, Japanese jiu-jitsu and judo, Chinese «shuai jiao» and French wrestling and savate boxing and Mongolian bukh barilda.
SAMBO is developed worldwide by the FIAS, the International SAMBO Federation, founded in 1984. FIAS is guided by the principles of peace and openness.
Today the Federation is headed by Vasily Shestakov, a member of the Russian Parliament, master in SAMBO and judo, and merited coach of Russia.
Nowadays, SAMBO is popular in 84 countries from the five continents and is recognized as an efficient system of physical education and development.

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