Tuesday, October 30, 2012

More Sombo Instructors

British CombatSombo Association are continually striving to improve and enlarge Sombo and Combat Sambo in Great Britain, this is done by organising competitions and Courses.

On Saturday October 27th the BCSA organised yet another successful Sombo Instructors Course at the British Sombo Federation Centre  of Excellence in Sittingbourne. Instructors were John Clarke National Sombo Coach and Colin Carrott BSF Senior Referee. The course was spread over 5 hours and is an introduction to teaching Sombo to other experienced people from other Martial Arts/Combat Forms. This time we had a group of lads from Suffolk who were well versed in Striking and self defence forms they were Lee Dootson, Wojtek Walkowsled, Norm Wills and Andy Smith all passed to Green Belt Sombo Level 1 Sombo Instructor

The BSCA Sombo Awards are recognised by the Governing Body for Sombo in GB the British Sombo Federation anyone interested in qualifying as a Sombo Instructor should email ibfbcsa@gmail.com

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